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Definition: A nonhistorical or unverifiable story handed down ny tradition from earlier times and populary accepted as historical.



In the coast near Lizard Point in Cornwall live lots of fishermen. Around four hundred years ago, there lived an old one, his name was Lutey.

It was summer and the old fishman was walking along the beach. He saw a beautiful lady with long golden hair and she was sitting on a rock. She seemed very upset and she was crying.

When he walked near to her, she darted from the rock and that is when he realized shewas a mermaid. He was curious and a little scared because of the stories he had heard about the mermaids and fishermen.

He promised her not to harm her, because she was afraid too.

With a kind voice, he asked her what happened to her. She looked at him with her big green eyes and started to told him the story.

She said: -I was swimming with my husband and children. We were tired by the hot sun, so he suggested to settle in a cave we liked. He told me to not wake him until dinner time. Children were tired, so they fell asleep too. I left the cove to look for food and smelt a beautiful scent on the summer breeze that came from the flowers, so I had drifted in on the waves, to get as close as possible. I had not noticed the falling tide, until I found myself cut off in the rock, and now I can't go back to the cove, and if my husband wake up and don't find his food, he'll it our children, that's what mermen do when they are hungry.

She told the fisherman if he help her, she would grant him 3 wishes. He helped her and the mermaid gave him a magical comb, so he could go there, to the rock, anytime he wanted and comb the sea to call her, so she will give him what he desire. He asked for break evil spells, to charm away disease and to find stolen property.

Once the Mermaid's curiosity got the better of her. She persuaded her old friend to take her to a secret place, from which she could see more of the dry land and the strange people, with split tails, who lived on it.

When he took her back to the sea, she asked him to visit her home, and even promised to make him young if he would do so. To this, the old man gently said no.

Instead, he stayed in his cottage and became known as a strong healer who could charm away the worst of luck. And this learning, he passed on to his children, along with the magic comb.

The rock at which they met, became known as 'Mermaids Rock'. And should you doubt this story, just visit the coast and ask for Mermaids Rock. It will soon be pointed out to you. You may even be lucky enough to see a mermaid yourself; but remember, such magic only happens to those who truly believe.

Some details:

This legend comes from Cury, Cornwall in England. It is part of the Folklore of this part of England, that is the reason they called that rock "Mermaids Rock".

Personal Comments:

I liked this story because it is part of the beautiful culture of England. And I liked it too because it teaches you the importance of be kind to everybody no matter how they are, but at the same time you have to be careful because not everybody would be nice at you even if you had been nice at them.


I really hope you enjoy my story and appreciate the work I did. And I hope you have learned something about what I showed to you. Thank you for your time and attention.